emealsforyou.com; Our Philosophy

At emealsforyou.com we truly believe the ability to get families back to the kitchen table, sharing meals and thoughts is the key to well balanced family relationships.  Families communicate better, problems are solved and bonding is at a high point.  Social graces are taught, communications skills are honed and families are happier.

www.emealsforyou.com is our on-line subscription cookbook where you can customize recipes and meal plans, print shopping lists, find wine pairings, and develop new techniques and ideas.  We provide you with hundreds of choices of meal plans and recipes, with unlimited downloads, you will love and more importantly, your kids will eat and Foodies like them too.

Think about your favorite cookbook; okay, now think about how hard it is to adjust your favorite recipes, to add or subtract servings.  Wouldn’t you like to have a cookbook that automatically adjusts the ingredients to the number you are serving?  Now how about one that not only adjust servings for you but also prints a shopping list for you.  Well that is exactly what www.emealsforyou.com does.  Now it is possible to plan your meals, whether nightly, weekly or even monthly, easily.  Plus we offer 20 weekly meals plans with shopping lists, a complete monthly plan  ( 7 days a week, 3 meals and 2 snacks per day) for those who want to watch their weight and hundreds of recipes and meal plans from quick meals to dinner for the boss.

We believe there are a few problems that stand in the way of having a happy meal as opposed to a “Happy Meal”. The first is deciding what to cook; or as we call it the dreaded “What’s for dinner?”  To solve this our focus group felt the need for some assistance in what to buy, how much and so on. In today’s economy we need all the help we can get to stay within our budget and feed our families healthier meals; planning meals can save you real money while feeding your family great, tasty and good-for-them meals. Simply make your choices from hundreds of recipes and meal plans or create your own meal plans from our recipes, complete with photos. Point and click and you have the meal plans and  recipes, scaled to the number of people you are feeding.  No more dividing or multiplying ingredients to get the right amount for your family.  Using a shopping list is a proven method to save 10-20% on your food bills.  At emealsforyou.com we provide the recipes and meal plans (ideas); we scale the recipes for the number of people you are cooking for and then we provide the shopping list easily printed on your printer; ready to take to the grocery to begin your savings. Plan Ahead: Save time, money and sanity for an entire week!

We provide the whole package: tested recipes, meal planning, scaling meals and shopping lists along with hints and more. We want to be that comfortable “cookbook” where you go to easily find old favorites, or new suggestions that you know always turn out right; meals that our family loves and your family will love.  At emealsforyou.com we do not take advertisers’ money so you won’t find recipes built around pre-prepared name brand canned soups and sauces; only tested recipes that are healthy for your family, with no additives or preservatives.

Looking for help losing weight, controlling your sodium intake or just trying to eat healthier; we have the plan for you. We have partnered with Lisa M. Ronco, MS RD CDN, to provide guidance and programs to support your efforts. Our Diet Friendly and Watching Our Waists recipes are designed to provide recipes and meals that will help you reach your goals. Our Careful and Carefree Meal Plans offer menus and shopping lists for 4 full weeks of great balanced meals.   Why pay one of those diet plan’s exorbitant fees when you can follow ours for free.  Our Sodium Reduced category provides recipes with lower sodium while maintaining all the flavor.  Our new categories, Diabetic Healthy and Gluten Free provide recipes so good you will make them even if you are not on restricted diets.  Click on our Quick Meals Planner/Quick Meal Planner and access our easy Weekly Meal Planner with 5-day meals plans with no repeated entrees and 20 full weeks of meals.

If you would like to see the Recipe and Meal Plan categories on emealsforyou.com click here .

Save time, save money and save your sanity. emealsforyou.com pays for itself within the very first month. A full year’s membership is less than the price of a single family fast food meal.  Take control of your family’s well-being. Register Now!

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